In 3 easy steps, receive a professionally prepared business value and exit or succession planning,

project customized to your business - ready to use and share in just 30 days or less.


[ affordable for any small business too. ]

What is Value.Plan.Go. ?

Simply put, it is the most affordable, most comprehensive value & exit program available.

VPGo is available directly to business owners, sellers, professional advisors and even potential buyers.




Value.Plan.Go. or VPGo is a program designed for small to mid-sized businesses. The kind of businesses that are the backbone of our nation and every community. As owners approach retirement, viable opportunities are needed to help these valuable businesses successfully transition to a new generation of owners.


Value.Plan.Go. was developed by an experienced, credentialed valuation and exit planning professional with over 30 years of business ownership and consulting experience. The program was originally designed for use by professional advisors to assist small business owners who found traditional value and exit programs unfordable and out of their reach. Today the program has evolved and is available directly to owners, sellers, advisors and buyers alike.


Value.Plan.Go. is a comprehensive and easy to use suite of value and exit services and information each owner or seller needs to plan and achieve a successful business sale or transition at a fraction of the cost of other value and exit programs.


Most national value and exit programs are designed for larger, mid-market businesses and come with an appropriately larger price tag - $15,000 to $40,000 or more. Value.Plan.Go. is designed for main street businesses, retailers, service businesses, manufactures, professional firms and more - companies with just $300,000 up to $10 million or more in annual revenue, and costs just $2,995 complete - with nothing more to buy. That's savings of more than 80% or more.




Value.Plan.Go. does not replace an owner's existing trusted advisors. Owners need time, information and their help to maximize success.


There are no additional products to purchase or to recommend to you. We don't make investment, legal or tax recommendations. Those services are provided by the professionals you already work with using your completed  Value.Plan.Go. project.


We don't market or sell your business for your, or provide services similar to those of a business broker. You'll decide which exit models and deal structures make the most sense for you and your business, on your time table.




• Executive Summary of your business exit and value project report results. A quick look at where you're at and what you might achieve.


• Historical Financial Analysis including how your business compares to the average of your industry peer group.


• Current Fair Market Value report - a fully credentialed summary opinion of value report. Tangible and intangible values, and example capital gains. Owners can't really begin to plan until they know where their at today.


• Opportunities for Exit Success - ten or more business exit models with estimated cash-to-the-seller values for each model using the current fair market value.


• Recommendations for immediate and intermediate value and performance improvement prior to exit to maximize value and opportunities.


• Key Value Drivers for your business.


• Proposed Three-year Example Budget using provided recommendations and historical performance.


• Future Fair Market Value Report - a pro forma estimate of annual business value over the next three years based on recommendations and example budget. See how much value you could achieve. Updated capital gains projections too.


• Updated Opportunities for Exit Success using pro forma business value estimates. See how each model's cash-to-the-seller value changes.


• Five or More Deal Structures you can combine with your chosen exit model to find exit success. Includes a

maximum value deal and a quick-out deal example.


• Numerous value and exit topics discussed, example quick-read stories of exit successes and failures, planning checklists and guides, and a discussion about how to make the best use of your existing advisor team.


• Special Section - business transition or succession events within families.


• Owner Exit Plan - ready for the owner to use to complete their exit and value plan and share with their advisors, key employees, and family to improve and enact their plan.


• We address issues important to owners including attracting or developing a qualified buyer, value planning vs. tax planning, different strategies for employer and non-employer businesses, 25 deal-killing mistakes to avoid, and more.


• Value.Plan.Go. participants also have free access to our exclusive on-line library of topic cards and videos. It's an easy way to find additional information on a variety of business value, exit and performance subjects - what you need, when you need it. Topic cards are one-page discussion documents ready for download as .pdf files. Topic videos are short presentations that may be streamed and viewed on your computer or smart device on-demand.





Value.Plan.Go. will provide you with the information, opportunities and planning examples you

and your advisors will need so you can work together to achieve your value and exit goals:


Maximum Business Value

Maximum Sale or Transition Opportunities

Solutions for Value Gaps

Minimum Cost


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Available Wherever You Are

Value.Plan.Go. is appropriate for businesses in rural communities, suburbs or small cities,

as well as those located in large metropolitan areas nationwide.


There are no complicated websites to enter data into. You work directly with us.

Each project is individually created, secure and private. All client work is confidential.


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[ getting started is easy ]

First, call us at 888-858-4548 and enroll your business now We'll collect some introductory information, collect project payment by credit card and then help you get off to a fast start. Then we'll send you an easy to use start-up guide including a checklist of basic information we'll need about your company and past performance. We'll also provide you with an easy-to-complete owner survey so we understand you and your business at a deeper level. We won't ask for more than we need to keep it simple for you.
Send us your completed information package and we'll get started You'll send everything you've gathered and prepared all together all at one time. Then we'll get busy. Your project will be developed hands-on by an experienced and credentialed valuation and exit planning professional and include income, market and asset approaches to value. Each project is created one-at-a time producing real values, exit models, and recommendations you can begin to use right away.
Receive your professional business exit and value project Your project will be provided to you in three parts. Ready for you to use and share with your existing advisor team. An executive summary of important project results. A detailed business project report with the information, examples and data needed for a deeper dive into your unique opportunities. An owner exit plan, ready for your unique priorities, exit and value decisions, and action.




Call Value.Plan.Go. Now - Phone 888.858.4548



“I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about selling their business. The information you have provided to me is beyond value. You have provided me with a great service.”

- Rural Grocery Store Owner



“We’ve learned more about operating our business for profit and how to position our business for our future retirement than all the years we’ve owned our business. Great ideas about how to use our real estate, contracts, and marketing to attract or even develop our own buyer. I wish I had talked with you years ago.”

- Rural Retail Store Owner



“This business exit and succession program is an excellent opportunity. It really brings emphasis and importance to planning. It's attractive because I can work cooperatively with other professionals. Great analysis.”

- Community Development Coordinator



“I applaud you for putting this proactive approach and exit planning model together.”

- National Manufacturing Firm



“We looked at other services recommended by our national association and couldn’t afford their fees. Your program is an incredible value! Thank you so much for helping us.”

- Electrical Engineering Firm



“If this takes hold, it could completely change how youth retention is promoted, how communities position open businesses and how they secure their future.”

- Regional-State Development Representative



“I'm looking forward to getting started. I truly believe our rural and at-risk urban areas need this program to remain relevant.”

- Multi-State Utility Representative



- Professional Business Counselor


“It’s about time that today’s entrepreneur has access to the guidance and insight that

has been afforded to only high-end businesses in the past due to cost. This program offers an affordable solution that enables today’s small business owner the ability to position themselves for the optimum business exit or value possible. It should be part of any wealth building strategy.”

- Business Consultant and Former Business Broker



“This is a great program. I work with small business owners and their lenders. There is no other product that provides this wealth of information in such a timely manner. It’s easy to read and understand, at a price any client can afford. I am very satisfied with this program.”

- Professional Business Consultant and Accountant



“We aren’t exiting a business, we’re buying. The business evaluation process is affordable. The education is invaluable and worthwhile.”

- Key Management Group, National Metro Home Furnishings Business


Our programs have also attracted multiple USDA or SBA grant awards.


“Before this program, we would have advertised for a sale through a newspaper or by auction. Now we have a logical price to base the sale of our business on. We will pass the business on to family members or consider trying to sell to an outside buyer. You have brought a lot of things to our attention for us to think about. You brought information to our level of understanding”

- Family Owners, Rural Lumber Center



“Before this program, I had no plan. I learned the true value of my business - items that I need to put in order before the business is offered for sale.

You provided me with the information that I needed to adjust and fix these issues to help me facilitate a future sale.”

- Owner, New and Used Auto Dealer



“The most valuable information I took from the report was the comparison of the possible exit strategies. It opened my eyes to the true value of my business.”

- Rural Electrical Equipment Repair Business Owner



“Thank you. Before this process began, I thought that some day I would have to accept whatever I could get or liquidate and walk away from my business. Now I know there are things I can do to not only improve my business but to increase its worth. The value enhancement analysis you provided me gave me a road map of things I can and will do to increase the value of my business. It is clear to me you understand what small business is and the importance it has for rural communities. This has been a very beneficial experience for me. The service you offered would not have been affordable to me in any other way.”

- Owner, Large Rural Grocery Store



“Just being able to use the program and library of information for educational purposes will be a godsend.”

- County Economic Development Director



“The class was extremely valuable, very informative.”

- SBDC Director - Texas

“Great program. Seriously one of the best as an economic developer I've ever had. Beat the pants off IEDC and SEDA training I've been to. You deserve a lot of credit for bringing this together”

- Regional Economic Development Director



“The program and report format was very user friendly. Amazingly great value and ongoing support adds extreme value to this package. I tried two other firms and both times, the cost was much higher with less results.”

- Environmental and Restoration Company Owner



"The material was some of the best training I've ever had in economic development. It was very easy to understand and practical. This helped a lot - it was a wonderful opportunity."

- Economic Development Director



“I'm working with a barbecue restaurant that's very successful and has been open over 20 years. The owner is starting to think about an exit strategy and your material is spot on. I can't wait to start working with my clients at this much higher level than where I was before this program.”

- Small Business Consultant


2019 National presentation

on exit and value planning  for the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank

Various articles about our programs or our insights on small business exit and transition.

National advisor training

programs, guest speaker, and features in partner publications

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Value.Plan.Go. advisors are credentialed as:


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